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Dr. Barbara E.​ Milton, Jr. LCSW

[email protected]

Welcome to My Website

Greetings! I am Dr. Barbara Ella Milton, Jr.  I am currently a retired clinical social worker, not by choice but by circumstance. I am actively fighting cancer and other chronic health challenges.  Writing is a tool that is helping me cope with ongoing physical and emotional pain.  I am grateful that my spirit is strengthening one day at a time.  I have found my voice and I  have some things to say..I like to write about my lived experience, my resilience research and my activism.  My mission is to put love and hope into the world. Maybe you will get as much pleasure out of reading my work as I did putting my thoughts on paper.  I wish you all well.  Peace.

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

Audre Lourde

My Current Book Projects

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Available Now for Purchase from 

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Elizabeth Hill and 24 Co-Authors share their lived experience during the early days of COVID-19.  I was blessed to be one of the authors on this book project. Our mission was to put a megadose of love and hope into the world.

A signed paperback copy of 

The Great Pause 

 $18 plus $5 S&H 

The Great Pause 


$14.00 plus $5 S&H 

The Great Pause 

signed paperback and journal 

$35 including S &H

Please consider purchasing the book directly from the author so that she can receive adequate compensation for her work.

E-book of The Great Pause is $3.99 and can be downloaded from Amazon. 

100% of the royalties of sales of the Great Pause from Amazon will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness

To Purchase this book go to :

Alzheimer's claimed the life of Barbara Ella Milton, Sr. way too soon.  This book tells the story of caring for my beloved mother while battling my own bladder cancer.  It is a testimony to the healing power of forgiveness and love.

A portion of each sale of this book will fund 

The Act Now Foundation Dementia Center.

(I know that will make my mother happy)




Inherited Resilience: Applying Wisdom of Formerly Enslaved Black Americans with Black Youth in Social Work & Educational Settings

Available Spring 2022

Cognella Academic Press

Black Youth Lives Matter! Dr. Deborah Brooks and I team up to provide culturally rooted resilience strategies for educators and social workers who need more tools to confront systemic racism in America and its harmful effects on Black youth, families and community. 

*Title and graphics are subject to change.

Reader Reviews

The Great Pause

"Your chapter is so very moving. It is so obviously very genuine, and speaking of lived experience. You have had to face some terrible things, and these things have made you decide on a positive way of dealing with them, a transformative way of looking at life through that "slowing down" and mindfulness and meditation." - Cath Sutherland

"Good gracious girl!! You have me crying. Its a good cry. What you wrote touched my heart, soul and mind. Can't wait until we can see each other face to face again.  Congratulations and Blessings." - Helen Pitts

Heeding the Caregiver Call

Great mix of poignant storytelling and practical guidance.

Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2020

This book is a poignant tribute to the power of love, and a candid exploration of the bond between a mother facing Alzheimer’s Dementia and a devoted daughter battling cancer. The author offers practical guidance on preparing for end-of-life issues and shares the complexities of race, class and gender in their lives. It’s a heartwarming story that will make you laugh, cry, and count your blessings. - Sue Nemeth

Compelling and Engrossing

Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2021

I found Dr. Milton's book hard to put down. This very intimate account of an already challenging mother-daughter relationship as Alzheimer's takes its toll hits the reader solidly in the gut. The book is eminently readable and relatable. Tracking the progression of the disease is captured in language and anecdotes that palpably express the range of emotions of Dr. Milton and her mother, comedic and tragic. I highly recommend this book as a resource for those in the difficult position of caretaker to an Alzheimer patient. As well, it is a fascinating tale/study of a particular family in an ongoing crisis.- Paula Schorr